What We Do

At Propper Daley, we believe deeply in working as teams. We believe that social change requires collaborative creativity, disruption and complex problem-solving. At the same time, it requires careful planning and attention to detail; “every battle is won or lost before it is fought.” We serve as thought-partners, strategists, advisers, tacticians and all-around utility players as we work with our clients to move their work forward.

At Propper Daley, we create and implement holistic strategies to drive measurable social impact. Each member of the Propper Daley team brings a diverse set of relevant expertise that uniquely positions us to get things done. This includes proven experience in coalition-driven social change, leadership of high-stakes political campaigns, experience building a shared policy agenda in arenas with fractured opinion, convening powerful learning communities to drive coordinated action, and supporting the growth and evolution of individual change agents.

From the public policy arena to the entertainment industry, we leverage every resource to produce outcome-driven solutions for businesses, individuals, organizations and causes.

  • Indi


    We work with well-intentioned and creative businesses to maximize their social impact and increase their bottom-line.

  • Bus


    We work with passionate individuals who have the personal, financial and/or social capital to champion meaningful causes and ideas.

  • Org

    Organizations & Causes

    We work to influence legislation, elect leaders, drive awareness of a cause, educate the public and plan high impact events and conferences.