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Stephanie McMahon


Finding the next breakthrough in pediatric cancer treatment

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Inspired by her friendship and love for Connor Michalek, an eight-year old who died of brain and spine cancer, Stephanie McMahon founded Connor’s Cure in 2014 and also dedicated her Henry Crown Fellowship at the Aspen Institute to pediatric cancer research and drug development. Through her work, Stephanie realized that more needs to be done to prevent the loss of life to pediatric cancer and to improve the quality of life of those that survive.  To turbo change this effort, Stephanie enlisted Propper Daley to build a solution-focused convening with the brightest minds in the pediatric cancer space.

Our Approach

Propper Daley recognized that developing new solutions and treatments will require big, bold, and audacious thinking – capturing the ingenuity of bright minds from diverse industries, supercharging existing efforts through meaningful partnerships, and harnessing the spirit and compassion of the public. PD identified world-renowned experts across the country and globally, developing allies and leveraging unique insights, while also identifying thought leaders to engage in a collaborative, cross-sector strategy project to accelerate pediatric cancer cures.

Stephanie McMahon convened the inaugural meeting of the Pediatric Cancer Action Council (PCAC) at the Players’ Tribune in New York City to kickoff the effort that eventually became known as The Constellation Project. The result of this inaugural PCAC meeting was a series of action plans to support and catalyze transformational changes in the pediatric cancer space. Over 20 leading pediatric oncologists, researchers, pharmaceutical industry experts, patient advocates in both pediatric cancer and other areas, and government regulators and representatives, participated in the meeting.


This convening resulted in a set of priority barriers to tackle and identified ways to drive action and progress, leveraging new partnerships, innovative solutions, and Stephanie’s unique assets.  In addition, a cutting edge program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was funded through this effort allowing them to advance work that otherwise may have languished for years.

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