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Zinc Collective


Connecting political campaign work to racial and social justice efforts

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Opportunity Identification

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Racial Justice

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Client Need

Zinc Collective is working to ensure that Democratic campaigns are powered by people who reflect the diversity of our nation, represent the will of the people, and that they have the tools necessary to win. They created DigiDems and Blue Leadership Collaborative (BLC) to recruit and train diverse campaign staff – from campaign managers to digital directors and skilled IT specialists. In order to broaden their philanthropic work, Zinc Collective brought in Propper Daley to educate their organization and lead a strategic analysis of opportunities for them to dive more deeply into racial and social justice efforts.

Our Approach

To orient Zinc Collective to the field and allow them to identify specific areas of interest where they might focus their advocacy efforts, PD developed a landscape primer built with cutting edge insights from field experts and national research. This helped Zinc Collective refine which “lane” was right for them and led to a deep dive analysis on Zinc Collectives’ chosen focus areas. Propper Daley looked at these areas of focus to identify gaps and bright spots where Zinc Collective can uniquely add value using a variety of levers of change, including philanthropy, advocacy and political giving, and recommended a go forward plan.


With this research, landscape analysis, and opportunity ID, as background, we are continuing to support the Zinc Collective team efforts on two fronts 1) building out strategies to bring more diverse talent and technology talent to politics and 2) their broader philanthropy. By helping Zinc Collective connect the dots between the critical issues of our time to their work supporting culturally competent campaign managers and providing them technology training we are ensuring that their work is anchored by the field and representative of the country as a whole.

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