Propper Daley

Career Opportunity

Manager, Strategy & Research


Propper Daley seeks an experienced strategist, with practical experience in using data and analysis to drive insights – ideally via consulting and/or agency experience – who is passionate about making lasting social change.


At Propper Daley, everyone plays a role in accelerating impact. Doing good – and doing it well – requires us all to approach our work with accountability, knowledge, creativity, and commitment. Through this position, you will have the opportunity to think creatively, boldly, and practically about how to tackle some of the biggest social issues of today.

The primary function of this position is to execute the Strategy & Research Department’s work for the agency’s individual, nonprofit, and corporate clients. Specifically, this position will contribute to research, insight development, and strategy creation for clients, support the growth of the Strategy & Research Department, and identify and create best practices within the social impact space.

Key responsibilities include:

Project Management

Manage the Strategy & Research Department’s progress against the work, set project priorities, and identify opportunities to create efficiencies.

  • Manage work across the Department’s clients, in line with timelines, project priorities, hours, and budgets.
    • Ensure projects are accomplished within project scopes.
    • Manage roles and responsibilities across the Department.
    • Set priorities and executable timelines of the Department’s work, manage competing priorities, and actively update and adjust plans as needed.
    • Identify opportunities to create efficiencies in the Department’s work.
    • Monitor capacity of direct reports and work with Department leadership to make necessary adjustments.
  • Manage utilization of organizational processes across the Strategy & Research Department, including, but not limited to: Document organization; Time tracking system; Project management system.
  • Support management of research and strategy third party vendors.
    • Work with Department leadership to identify needs, source, and secure third party support to complete client work or projects and set appropriate budget in line with client project budget.
    • Support the development of third party vendor contracts, agreements, and scopes of work, appropriately leveraging templates and working with the Operations team, when needed.
    • Support management of research and strategy third party vendors against project work and ensure proper payment.
  • Develop, manage, and track strategy and research project budgets in line with client budgets, and provide regular report-outs to Account Pod and Department Lead.


Manage client work to effectively meet internal and client expectations.

  • Lead the development of materials delivered by the Strategy & Research Department, such as: key findings and insights readout, opportunity identification, strategic recommendations.
    • Develop memos, decks, recommendation emails, and other materials that clearly articulate research-driven rationale, impact-driven frameworks, achieve client goals, and are easily understood by the Account Pod and client during presentations, calls, and meetings.
    • Ensure all research and strategy work meets Propper Daley’s quality standards including proper grammar, proper formatting, integrity, and originality and aligns with industry best practices and standards.
  • Support the successful onboarding of new clients and projects to the Department by understanding the goal, roles and responsibilities, hours, timeline, and all other information to be able execute successfully.
  • Ensure client satisfaction by managing both internal and client expectations in the best interest of the research and strategy work and project scope.
  • Work closely with the Marketing & Communications Department to ensure strategic alignment on development and execution of research plans and development of strategies for brand and marketing-related clients.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Demonstrate relevant research and social impact knowledge to gather insights and proactively develop creative solutions, tactics, and strategies, and understand the implications of choices in order to leverage the team to collaboratively solve potential problems.

  • Manage all research and strategy development during the initial strategy development phase, and as additional research and rationale for recommendations is required.
    • Set and execute goal-oriented research plans for clients, which may include: stakeholder interviews, landscape analyses, comparative analyses, impact population analyses, and trends research.
    • Work closely with the Marketing & Communications Department to execute against research plans and to support the development of strategies for marketing-focused clients, as needed.
    • Support Account Leads to manage the entire client team to execute against set research plan with fidelity.
    • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of clients to develop tailored strategies and tactics that are in line with the clients’ aspirations/values/priorities, and increasingly do so proactively vs. responsively.
      • Take into account client tone and voice, point of view, current events and other changes in context, and market positioning as part of this.
      • Organize research findings and insights into frameworks, tactics, and recommendations that achieve client goals and drive toward maximum social impact.
    • Identify potential strategic challenges in work early on, develop creative solutions, and understand the implications of choices in order to leverage the client team to collaboratively solve potential problems.
  • Proactively adjust and refine strategies against internal and client feedback to advance both internal and client priorities.
  • Actively participate in Post Mortem meetings and develop plans for implementing learnings across the department’s work to drive efficiency, create a more seamless workflow, and increase impact.
  • Support efforts to grow Propper Daley’s knowledge, work, and brand.
    • Continuously grow and apply knowledge of research and strategy expertise and the larger social impact industry.
    • Share relevant industry and issue articles with the Propper Daley team to advance social impact and client-specific knowledge.
    • Identify and leverage research and strategy tools and best practices to continuously expand Propper Daley’s research ability and develop innovative strategies and approaches to social impact work.
    • Identify opportunities for and support development of thought leadership opportunities as time allows to further Propper Daley’s brand, including, but not limited to: drafting thought leadership pieces, identifying and attending conferences, drafting case studies, or drafting white papers.


Act as the main point of contact for the Strategy & Research Department internally and externally (with clients, partners, consultants, etc.) to ensure consistent alignment across deliverables.

  • Manage and own internal communications for the Strategy & Research Department across Client Services and Central Office, ensuring consistent alignment across deliverables.
  • Support Client Services teams and act as main point of contact for communications with clients and other external stakeholders, including partners, and consultants, around strategy and research work and develop trust through effective communication.


Manage across and support the growth of the Strategy & Research Department, and manage up to supervisor to ensure success of work.

  • Participate in a positive and inclusive agency culture and work environment by building and supporting the development of productive and positive working relationships with and between all team members.
  • Proactively seek opportunities for training that advances research, strategy, and social impact knowledge and skills.
  • Manage across members of the Strategy & Research Department and up to leadership.
    • Conduct performance evaluations for direct reports as needed and as required.
    • Provide ongoing management and mentorship to members of the Strategy & Research Department.
    • Provide support to new team members through onboarding to ensure the success of the Strategy & Research Department and the work.
  • Identify opportunities to upsell clients against additional Strategy & Research services or projects by evaluating current work. Work with Department and Account Pod leadership to develop plans.
  • Participate in select business development activities as needed and as capacity allows, including participating in meetings.

This position executes against the following reporting structure:

Reports to: Senior Vice President, Strategy


A social impact agency based in Hollywood, Propper Daley helps our clients leverage their unique assets to create positive change in the world.  We work with influencers, brands and causes, providing both strategic and creative solutions to move the needle on the issues they care most about.  Our approach, rooted in behavioral science, moves beyond foundational “awareness raising” to those strategies and ideas that shift the attitudes and perceptions that lead to behavior change.

We believe deeply in working as teams. More often than not, social change requires collaborative creativity, disruption and complex problem solving. We hope to serve our clients as thought-partners, strategists, advisers, tacticians and all-around utility players as they move their important work forward. Each member of the Propper Daley team brings a diverse set of relevant expertise that uniquely positions us to get things done. This includes proven experience in coalition-driven social change, leadership of high-stakes political campaigns, experience building a shared policy agenda in arenas with fractured opinion, convening powerful learning communities to drive coordinated action, and supporting the growth and evolution of individual change agents.

Some of our clients include:

  • John Legend and #FREEAMERICA
  • The Shawn Mendes Foundation
  • Bradley Cooper’s One Family Foundation
  • Kerry Washington
  • The Call of Duty Endowment
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • US Chamber of Commerce Foundation


  • SEASONED STRATEGIST: You have at least 5 years of experience developing complex, executable, and well-thought-out strategies. Others easily understand your thinking and get excited about your ideas.
  • FLEXIBLE AND RESPONSIVE: You work best in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced culture and remain calm and level-headed when required to change course and/or re-prioritize. You understand that working on the most pressing issues means that you have to move at the pace of current events, and you are excited to dive in whenever needed.
  • A FIXER: You love solving problems and view it as an actual talent that is developed, honed and displayed with ever-increasing proficiency and grace.
  • CLEAR COMMUNICATOR AND TRUSTED ADVISOR: You share information and advice with clients and partners in a way that is clear, useful and inspires deep confidence. This starts with strong internal communication within your team and across departments.
  • DETAIL-ORIENTED:  You pay attention to detail so that small issues do not derail our work. Because of your attention and thoughtfulness, our team and clients are able to execute on the work and recommendations with ease..
  • PASSIONATE AND KIND: You are passionate about changing lives and changing the world. And, you realize that the only way to accomplish this is through teamwork, kindness, humility and taking care of yourself and your colleagues.


You will wake up everyday knowing that you are helping to address some of the most important, intractable challenges facing our communities and the world.

Organizationally, you will help build out and grow Propper Daley’s Client Services department, positively impacting all systems and processes within Propper Daley.

You will be part of a diverse team of brilliant, kind, creative thinkers and doers who love to learn, grow, and have fun while doing it.

You will further develop your ability to thrive in a small, fast-paced environment.


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When applying, in addition to a traditional cover letter please provide:

Two examples (one of an influencer, and one of a brand) you think are doing a great job leveraging their platform for the greater good with a written description of why you chose them as examples.


  • This position is a full-time role
  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Matching up to 3% of a 401K (free money!)
  • Great medical insurance and disability insurance
  • An open vacation policy

Propper Daley is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe social change happens when people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, identities, and perspectives come together with common purpose. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.