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Carly York

Associate Director, Project Management

Carly York is the Associate Director of Project Management at Propper Daley. Through this role, Carly strives to establish project management as the go-to means for tackling some of the most challenging issues our clients and our team face today. At the core of Carly’s work is empathy. By focusing on people-centered solutions, her approach encourages all team members to bring their best selves to work every day. As a child, Carly was exposed to advocacy work via her mother’s work with the Idaho Aids Foundation. These pivotal early experiences led to a life-long relationship with non-profit and advocacy work: from volunteering at the American Indian Child Resource Center in Oakland, to promoting the benefits of French language education at the Lycée Français de San Francisco and finally through her work on behalf of major progressive ballot measures and political campaigns in Oregon. She has expertise in UX/UI, digital advertising, social media, direct mail, and holds a B.A. in French language from San Francisco State University.