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Lauren Colley

Strategic Marketing Director

Lauren Colley is a Strategic Marketing Director at Propper Daley, where she develops innovative and actionable marketing strategies to achieve clients’ social impact goals, advises clients on marketing needs, and identifies and manages best-in-class vendors to execute the work.

Combining her passion for pro-social initiatives and her 15+ years of marketing experience, she is responsible for delivering full scale ideas, from concept to execution, on behalf of our clients. Lauren has expertise in marketing strategy, design, program execution and production. Prior to Propper Daley, she served as Creative Director of the Global Marketing Partnerships team at Sony Pictures, where she led creative efforts on franchises like Spider-Man, Jumanji and Ghostbusters in partnership with brands as varied as Audi, Nike, McDonald’s, United Airlines, General Mills and Fortnite. Additionally, she built her own event planning and production company while being an Art Director for The Marketing Arm agency in Los Angeles.

Lauren earned her B.S. in Communication with a minor in English from Boston University.