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Matt Higginson

Senior Director, Client Services

Matt Higginson is a Senior Director of Client Services at Propper Daley. He has worked at the intersection of politics, advocacy, and storytelling for nearly 20 years. Matt began his career in Washington, DC working with U.S. Senator Harry Reid, who represented his home state of Nevada. After consulting on a variety of electoral races and progressive campaigns in Las Vegas, he joined the ONE Campaign—the global advocacy organization focused on eradicating extreme poverty and preventable disease along with other developmental work, particularly in Africa. In this role, he led all campaign and organizing efforts that targeted young professionals and college students. Matt joined Propper Daley from the publishing platform Medium, where he initially led the politics and government affairs team before transitioning over to business development, VIP partnerships, and special editorial projects. Matt received his B.A. in International Politics from BYU.