Propper Daley

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Shawna Jackson

EVP, Head of Client & Talent Operations

Shawna is an Executive Vice President and Head of Client & Talent Operations at Propper Daley, where she leads business development operations and project delivery across the agency’s clients, develops agency-wide processes, manages internal and external agency resources, and creates opportunities for skills development and professional growth.

Shawna brings 20+ years of agency experience leading cross-functional teams at global agencies such as VML, MXM, and Sapient, as well as her own consulting business which she founded in 2016. She specializes in managing programs driven by consumer insights and a focus on overall business goals. Her deep client services expertise allows her to think strategically about how Propper Daley supports and develops client teams to deliver impact for its clients across a range of social impact issues. Shawna is also a co-founder and CFO of the Prevailing Family Life Center, which seeks to reach and restore families in vulnerable communities.

Shawna holds a B.A. of Speech Communications from Missouri Western State University, where she also received a four-year basketball scholarship.