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Got Your 6


Mobilizing a cross-industry coalition to bridge the civilian-military divide

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Collective Action Campaign

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Veterans Issues

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Every year, a quarter-million service members exit the military and re-enter civilian life. Veterans are highly-trained leaders, team builders, and problem solvers; yet, too often, Americans see returning vets as either “broken” or as “heroes,” neither of which recognizes their role as assets to our communities and hinders their successful reentry into civilian life. A coalition of major TV networks, led by NBCUniversal enlisted Propper Daley to create a multi-year collective action campaign called Got Your 6, which means “I have your back” in the military, with a goal of bridging the civilian-military divide.

Our Approach

In order to create a new conversation in America where veterans and military families are perceived as leaders and civic assets, as well as providing needed support directly to veterans, PD architected a collective action campaign with three key components:  1) a backbone organization 2) shared goals 3) shared incentives.  Be The Change served as the backbone organization, housing the campaign and PD enlisted major veteran serving organizations to come together and set audacious veteran support goals in 6 pillars: jobs, education, housing, health, family and leadership.  Through partnership outreach and relationship building, PD secured entertainment industry partners to provide two major incentives for the non-profits organizations to hit these goals: funds empowering participating veteran organizations, as well as culture change and awareness through media coverage, script integration, events, and support from talent and executives.


One of Propper Daley’s first major initiatives, Got Your 6 mobilized the entertainment industry studios, networks, and talent agencies, together with government agencies and nonprofits, to launch and subsequently run this campaign, along with bringing in major corporate partners like Macy’s. Got Your 6 became the biggest funder to many of the participating veteran serving organizations over the lifetime of the campaign.


The initiative hit or overachieved all collective action goals including 585,000 job opportunities for veterans, over 20,000 veterans housed, 6.9M hours of veteran volunteer service and 100,000 families supported through job training and toolkits.  In addition, Got Your 6 certified 65+ film and TV projects for responsible depictions of veterans, through the entertainment industry collaboration and saw a measured shift in public perception, based on yearly studies of sentiment and attitudes towards veterans.

  • 585,000 Job Opportunities for Veterans

  • 6.9M Hours of Veteran Volunteer Service

  • 100,000 Families Supported

  • 65+ Certified Film and TV Projects for Responsible Depictions of Veterans

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