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Vaccine Acceptance Educational Convening

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Building a network to promote vaccine acceptance

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Stakeholder Convenings

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Public Health

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The Pandemic Action Network –– a collective effort to bring an end to COVID-19 while ensuring the world is better prepared for pandemic threats –– sought the assistance of Propper Daley in coordinating an urgent effort to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance, specifically in communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With people of color being some of the hardest hit, it quickly became a priority to build vaccine confidence within those communities and debunk misinformation about the vaccines.

Our Approach

Understanding that people have valid questions about COVID-19 vaccines, Propper Daley recognized the important role of trusted messengers in addressing these questions and promoting the facts. Black women are especially critical messengers, with a unique ability to be champions for their friends, families and neighbors. In order to reach communities of color, and in particular Black women, PD worked with Pandemic Action Network to convene a connected network of high-profile African-American influencers, industry leaders, health experts and trusted community ambassadors to share the facts, in the hopes of building vaccine confidence in the Black community.  This educational  convening took place over Zoom and was hosted by the Pandemic Action Network alongside partners at culture, faith, government, and science organizations. The event was structured as a facilitated dialogue between the participants in order to develop increased understanding, provide strategic communications guidance, and galvanize the group to action. After the convening, PD facilitated  one-on-one follow up calls for participants who had additional questions.


This event launched #ItsOurShot, a national campaign developed by PD with a call-to-action plan for influencers to leverage their platforms, host conversations with designated health experts and deploy information on COVID-19 vaccines, with an emphasis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For example, TV host Kamie Crawford posted on Facebook and the platform amplified her post to reach Likely Black American women on Facebook between the ages of 25-45.  Her post reached over 2.1 Million and showed a 3.0 lift in people who recalled seeing the post as well as 3.7pt lift in opinion in vaccine approval.

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