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Project Entrepreneur



Showcasing the power of female founders

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Strategic Communications

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Gender Equity

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Project Entrepreneur was launched by UBS to to reimagine the entrepreneurial landscape for women business founders.  Project Entrepreneur connects women to the information, tools, and access to capital and wealth they need to build and grow successful businesses, while tearing down existing barriers. Since their launch in 2015, Project Entrepreneur has trained more than 1,800 women founders and has created new on-ramps to entrepreneurship for women across the country. UBS had done an excellent job with the programmatic work for Project Entrepreneur, however, they realized they could do more to shift perceptions and hone their strategic messaging and narrative.  Propper Daley was brought in to craft a communications strategy to support Project Entrepreneur’s mission, goals and growth.


To craft the Communications Strategy PD looked at two important dimensions 1) how were other programs the entrepreneurship space framed and 2) what were the opportunities and barriers for female founders.  Propper Daley helped UBS sharpen the point of view for Project Entrepreneur, allowing them to own the concept of unleashing and uplifting the under-tapped potential energy of our most innovative and productive entrepreneurs in order to build lasting generational wealth and create long-term, sustainable culture, and economic change.

Along with the Communications Strategy, PD developed an Audience Engagement Roadmap in order to tailor key messaging to different priority audiences. Once the foundational work was in place, UBS also engaged PD to redesign the logo and website for Project Entrepreneur, completing a total brand refresh for one of their signature initiatives.


This revamped brand, narrative and audience identification allowed UBS to engage stakeholders in their company to think about how they can work with female founders, opening up capital and connections.  In addition, the fresh, cutting edge narrative not only reframed their program, but reverberated out to female founders allowing them to also shift how they talked about their work.  This work gave UBS and previous cohort members a renewed sense of confidence about the program and drove interest both internally and externally.

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