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Shawn Mendes Foundation at COP26

Shawn Mendes


Empowering youth activists at COP26

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Strategic Communications

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Youth Activism, Climate and Environment

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Client Need

In order to successfully stir efficient climate action, it takes dreamers like GenZ activists to reimagine the current outdated regulations. Shawn Mendes recognizes the importance of having young activists present at COP26 to ensure radical change and that the voices of our future generation are heard as it is their future they are fighting for.

Our Approach

Building on the Shawn Mendes Foundation’s mission of inspiring youth activism, Propper Daley facilitated multiple partnerships leading up to and during COP26 in Glasgow. Shawn partnered with the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) to uplift and encourage 250+ youth delegates as they created the Global Youth Statement, a set of youth led policy demands presented to COP26 delegates to discuss the future of international climate action at COP26. Shawn also recorded a surprise 3-minute keynote speech thanking the delegates for their hard work and kicking off their celebratory banquet.

Shawn also partnered with the UN Development Programme’s “Dear World Leaders” campaign, creating a video message for international leaders demanding climate action with youth voices at the table. The video was played at COP for World Leaders along with 10-15 other videos of young people all over the world.

Shawn also handed his personal Instagram account to Leah Thomas, environmental justice advocate and founder of Intersectional Environmentalist. Leah was able to share an inside look into different events that took place at COP26 the last few days in Glasgow and educate Shawn’s followers about the crucial conversations happening on the ground.


All content created through Shawn’s partnerships gathered over 500,000 views. Shawn continues to be inspired by the young people who mobilize, organize, and catalyze around the climate crisis and is committed to working with young people and frontline communities to support the solutions that will not just reverse the impacts of climate change but do so in a way that makes the world more sustainable and just.

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