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Generation Change



Building a worldwide movement for young changemakers

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Opportunity Identification

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Youth Activism

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While Viacom’s TV networks each had their own social impact initiatives, the parent corporation had never developed a cross-brand, global signature initiative. With a growing need for corporations to identify and implement robust social impact programs, Viacom wanted to determine where they could add value, while still staying in sync with individual channel initiatives. The CSR team at Viacom engaged Propper Daley to help them research the field, identify a shared corporate opportunity, and bring together their brands to co-develop the initiative. Through this work PD helped Viacom recognize the power of youth as agents for change around the world and built a strategic plan resulting in a first-of-its-kind global, corporate youth changemaking initiative – Generation Change.


Propper Daley led a strategy and visioning workshop and subsequent process with two dozen executives and senior leaders across Viacom and its brands, identifying a framework and roadmap for impact that leverages Viacom’s unique assets in ways that meet the needs of young people around the world. To ensure this was unique and addressed the needs of youth, PD conducted a global landscape analysis of hundreds of youth changemaking organizations, initiatives and campaigns to understand the field.  In addition, PD built this for youth with youth changemakers by interviewing dozens of youth empowerment experts and young leaders, as well as supporting the deployment of a global survey of youth attitudes, perspectives and barriers to changemaking.


PD helped Viacom build and architect the rollout of a first of its kind, authentic, impactful, company-wide effort with buy in from their TV brands. By keeping youth at the forefront and both listening to and engaging them directly, there was a clear focus on empowering the next generation to not only take the first step in their changemaking journey but also to become the leaders of tomorrow. The launch of the effort included videos that aired across the Viacom family of TV networks, showcasing youth activists and changemakers sharing their journey to inform youth just starting out in taking their first steps. Additionally, a new Generation Change award was embedded within several brands’ awards shows, including the MTV EMA that received coverage in Refinery 29 and Business Wire, amongst other publications. Finally, there was grant-making, corporate mentorship, and a major global youth conference partnership with YMCA as well as integration into VidCon.

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